jasper (jaspers_jungle) wrote in streakers,

last night excitement

almost got caught last night. It was late, it was warm in Pasadena, I had a few too many Herradura margaritas in me, and my bike was so patiently waiting on the side of the house. So I stripped down to nothin', hopped on the bike and sped around the block just to see how fast and how far I could go, and to burn off a little energy before I was going to hop inthe sack and call it a night. El Molino Blvd. was quiet as a mouse, and I saw NO ONE and NO CARS on the road around midnight.

I just round the corner to go East onto Del Mar, and I whip past a Toyota Corolla with a bunch of teen girls dropping off someone. I hear them all scream, then I hear their car peel out from the curb right behind me, chasing me and flashing their brights about fifty feet behind me. Well I high-tailed it down Del Mar, down Oak Knoll, up and down the sidewalks and shit as my bare ass is lit up by their headlights, but I can't shake them from my tail. I see an Aerostar van parked up ahead, so I ride up a driveway onto the sidewalk and screech to a halt on grass next to the van as they speed ahead of me. I spin around, pedal as fast as my ass can take me back up Oak Knoll, and I lost them back at the corner of Del Mar.

I dump the bike back inside the gate, scramble up to my second floor balcony, whip on some sweats and a t shirt and collapse onto the loungechair, and I watch them slowly cruise back and forth along Del Mar, looking for "someone". one of them is holdong a camcorder - were they taping my naked ass?
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